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Jinhua kaida ultrasonic equipment co., LTD

Address: jinhua precision.our area li pu town 65 the production (Jin Yi east expressway side)

Telephone: (86) 579-82838550, 82838553

Hand machine: (0) 13819919720 (Mr. Wang) (0) 13505798785 (miss zhao)

The true 579-82838550: (86)

Mail box: sales@jhkdcs.com

Website: www.bewafasanam.com

Ningbo sales company

Address: ningbo beilun small harbor town red couplet on qianjin road no. 8

Hand machine (0) 13777933375 (Mr Jiang)

Mail editor: 315040

Taizhou sales company

Address: 936 taizhou luqiao tyrone street

Hand machine (0) 13566422651 (Mr. Wang)


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